Holiday Rails

After many years of heartache and pain the decision to leave wasn’t due to the final blow of yesterday. It was the last stinging barb that would do the trick. Being unappreciated and left out, this last overseas job had her fuming.

James was due back on Tuesday from a job that had taken 3 weeks longer to finish because of someone else’s incompetence. He told me that whoever had leaked the plans for the new launch had everyone scrambling to cover their tracks. It was inevitable he said, “They’re just not used to high visibility clients. This one is going to take a miracle to fix!” What he didn’t know was that she had an insider who was telling her what he was really doing on that overseas “job” as he put it.

That was the last straw. So she packed up what she could and left for parts unknown. Her first stop was of course her parents’ house. She decided to leave most of her things there. She told them that she needed a break and this was a good time to take it. With James out of her life now she knew that she could make decisions on her own. That’s when the “plan” became a reality.

Just a few months ago she and James had been talking about taking a long trip together. He never liked the idea of riding on a train. And, of course that’s all Stacy wanted to do. Luckily she had a friend who became a travel agent out of high school and was doing very well for herself. I approached Diane as soon as I could for an itinerary that would last several weeks with stops across the U.S.

“Stacy! It’s so good to see you!” Diane said. What I had forgotten was Diane’s exuberance at everything. “So, tell me what’s going on? Why the trip now? It’s almost Christmas? Don’t you want to stay home with that hunky boyfriend of yours?” With an exasperated sigh and not wanting to let too much be known, I answered as directly as possible without giving too much away. “Hi Diane, I was hoping just to take a trip by myself, sort of self-discovery, you know? I would like to take some time and see where my life is going.” Well, to Diane that meant, “Oh Honey! I’m so sorry; he left you for someone else, didn’t he? Have I got an itinerary for you? Since you laid out the ground rules for this excursion it wasn’t hard for me to find you something that will give a little bit of everything, sunshine, snow and a little bit of surfing.”

“You’ll be leaving in two days’ time.  Here’s your bookings, hotel and cars are ready at your disposal at every stop. Just call ahead and it will be waiting at the station. Everything is mapped out, down to what to wear. You’ll be arriving in the Pacific Northwest just in time for the groundbreaking movie, you know the one that everyone is talking about but you have to be 18 or older to watch it. I have tickets for you. There’s a gala and a screening. You’ll love it. There’s information in the packet. I wish I was going, there are going to be some hot guys there.” Diane giggled. And, with as much as exuberance as when I first walked in the door.

“Diane, I don’t’ need to find a man on this trip, I just need to get away.” I said. “The last thing I want to do is get dressed up for some erotica party!” I said in a low voice, there was another family that was making a trip for spring break. I didn’t want them to think I was loose or something.

Diane said, “Who cares? You’re going on a trip where no one will know you. It’s a costume ball, for goodness sakes!” You are going as Cinderella! No one needs to know your name! And besides, I’ll be there too!”

“What?” I exclaimed! Diana explained, “I wanted it to be a surprise! Bill said I could go. I want to go and have some fun, and he said if I was going with you I couldn’t get into any trouble.” Oy! This is not what I want happening! I face smacked myself so hard I left a red mark!

After leaving Diane I decided a needed a new wardrobe. Good thing that I was a great financier. One thing my parents taught me was to save a modest amount every month to put aside for a rainy day. Well, that day has come. She had built herself a very nice nest egg and was able to move quite a bit over and still have enough to live on for another couple of years. This was a much needed vacation and she wasn’t about to waste her time thinking of a man that’s been cheating on her for the last year!

Her first stop was Miss Polly’s Boutique where you could find everything from grandma’s panties to the latest in gadgets and toys. She was a one-of-a-kind friend always there when you need her with a little boost of ego and eccentricity. Before I could let the door close I was greeted warmly by this woman who knew all before I did. “Oh babe, I’m sorry that bastard did what he did! Serves him right! You should have left a long time ago.” She said giving me a hug as big as her heart is. “Thank you, Miss Polly, I know I should have, I just didn’t think it could be true. It was by happenstance that my friend Lori was on the same job, that she discovered his penchant for other women.” I said truthfully. “Well don’t let that get you down, I hear your going on a fantastic trip! Is that why you came to see me? Some toys for your train ride?” Miss Polly said laughing all the while pulling toys from the shelf. “I don’t need any toys for this trip I just would like some lingerie, something new to make me feel pretty again.” I said. Miss Polly was grunting at the mere thought of it, “You don’t need anything to make you feel pretty; you need a man that will take care of you. He’ll make you feel prettier than any lingerie ever could.” With that thought I started picking out some two piece sets that would make any man squirm. The array of colors and styles would also keep any man guessing. I wanted some tanks and shorts to sleep in along with a beautiful chemise and corset. (According to Miss Polly everyone should have one.)  She also threw in a French Maid costume, had heard from our friend RaeLyn that it was all the rage. (I’ll be talking to her later as well), I thought with a smirk.

With my purchases from Miss Polly tucked away in the trunk I had one more stop to make and with the way things were already going I was sure that Victoria already knew what was happening in my life. “Stacy! Hey Girl! How are you? Stupid jerk, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Aren’t you glad you never married him?” Victoria never to be quiet about anything tells it like it is and then some. “Vic he never asked me, another reason to cut my losses now instead of later. I don’t know what I was thinking after all these years to be tied down to someone like that.” I said. “Well, it’s a good thing you’ve come to see me before you go on that trip. What would you like for me to do today? How about some highlights and trim? I promise you’ll love it. The mousy brown that you have could be highlighted and no one would be the wiser.” Vic said. My hair has been short ever since I could remember. Just this past year I had been letting it grow out, I like it longer and could
pull it up in a ponytail and go if I wanted too. So, I agreed to have it trimmed with some highlights. I wanted to be different more carefree, now is my chance.

A couple of hours later I was staring at a new person. My hair was absolutely gorgeous! I just stared at myself for the longest time not knowing what to do; I had never seen myself look so bright and happy! I turned and looked at Vic, got up from the chair and hugged the life out of her. “You like it? You really like it?” She said. I really liked it, and I was crying because I had never had anyone do this for me before. It was so exciting I paid Vic and ran back to Miss Polly’s so she could see me. She cried for me too. Told me that if I didn’t find a man on this trip there was something wrong with them. I laughed, and told Miss Polly that if there was a good looking unattached man on this trip he should be wary of me!

After making all of my purchases for the trip I went back home and put everything except for my traveling outfit in my new suitcases. I would be gone a long time and I wanted to make sure that I have checked everything off my list at least twice. I was ready to go and in less than 24 hours I would be on the vacation of a lifetime.

French Maid

She’s off to her last appointment. She’s dressed the way he likes; French maid costume, 4″ heels, black lace hose ~ thigh high only ~ and garter belt. Nothing else. She knows he has all the right “equipment” in his home. He’s sent her a dossier of what their “night” should be about. She only brings with her a small courier bag with everything he told her she needs. She smiles to herself as she gets out of her car. Shaking her head.  She doesn’t care what the neighbors think. This is his fantasy and she’s here to fulfill it. She rings the doorbell, but there’s no answer. She expected that too.

It’s all in the details that he had written. She’d memorized every last one of them. Down to his signature. Odd that he had hand written the note. One of several things she had learned about him She opens the door, and remembers her instructions to come straight in and start in the kitchen. “Odd place to start.” She says to herself. She walks to the sink. There are only a few dishes there. She notices he has a dishwasher. “What the hell.” She says and immediately gets to work. She realizes as she turns on the water that someone is behind her.

She starts to turn and he slips his hand from behind to her face., turning her head forward. “No,” he says. “Continue with what you’re doing.” She still thinks it’s odd but continues. He leans her up against him, she can feel him from chest to thigh. She doesn’t know if he’s clothed because she’s closed her eyes. Feeling the charged atmosphere between them, he says, “Open your eyes.” She doesn’t want to, she wants to continue to feel this sensation between them. But, he urges her again.“Open your eyes, or you will feel the consequences,” he states, more forcibly than the last. She gasps, and reluctantly does as she is asked. His hands on her hips move slowly down until he reaches the bottom of her uniform. He slides his hand beneath her skirt, and up her thigh.

Her breathing is starting to quicken. Never has she been so aroused by a stranger. Her hands are still in the water and she would like to take them out and caress him like he is caressing her. She knows that she can’t, she must obey his every command. He’s found her weak spot and nudged his thigh between hers, coaxing her legs farther apart. She lifts her right leg and slides it further to accommodate his now probing hand. She can feel his cock in her back, and she realizes he is much taller than she is but it doesn’t matter,this has turned into something so much more than she thought it would.

His other hand has found it’s way to her breast and has slid inside her blouse. Pinching and pulling at her nipple she cries out in ecstasy. She can’t take it any more and pulls her hands out if the water and puts them behind her reaching for him, turning her head toward his she needs his mouth on hers. She knows it’s taboo but she doesn’t care, rules are made to be broken and she wants to taste this stranger. Whatever the consequences are, she’ll take the risk. Reluctantly, he gives in, knowing that he shouldn’t and she will pay dearly for this later. She’s been worked into a frenzy, first one finger then two. He can feel her body squeezing his fingers she about to explode and so is he.

Much to her reluctance he withdraws his fingers, turns her around and picks her up, forcibly placing her onto the counter, she notices he’s wearing nothing, just the way she likes it. He rips her blouse apart, nipping at her neck, slowly moving down to her breast. Her hands are all over him, kneading his muscles from shoulder to forearm. He stops from going any further, she opens her eyes to look at him, astonished that he’s stopped what he’s doing. He’s looking at her, with longing in his eyes.

She grabs ahold of him and forces him to finish what he’s started. She pulls at his hips his cock ready for her. He plunges deep within her, he wants to be sure that she can accommodate his size, he shivers and continues on teasing and tantalizing her until they become one. She screams in ecstasy and his with his final thrust he comes hard and strong. They are both left panting and with desire in their eyes. He’s not done yet and neither is she, he picks her up, still inside her and carries her to his bedroom…

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