Holiday Rails Part 4


Kent waves back and the girls all giggle. “Just what I needed an audience.” Stacey mumbles under her breath.

“Um, sitting at the head of the table is Ruth Ann. I met her online along with Renee to her left and Camille next to her. The woman with the short blond hair is Denise whom you’ve already met along with Leigh Ann to her right.  Renee and I have something to discuss later, don’t we?” Renee just shrugged her shoulders and grinned. “Oh?”  It was a question that I wasn’t about to answer. Instead I asked Kent what he had ordered for us.

“It’s a surprise and will go well with your Chardonnay.” He said. Dinner was served shortly. Their audience took great liberty in tormenting her throughout her meal making googly eyes feigning sighs and gasps. It’s all I could do to finish my meal without choking on laughter. Once the dessert cart rolled around she couldn’t help but stare and lick her lips. She had forgotten about Kent while she was talking to the pastry chef. Barbara was written on her Chef’s jacket. She told me that she too was going to the costume ball. “Good evening, I have for you tonight a variety of cakes to choose from.  You two look cozy, so I would suggest: Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, Apricot-Coconut Cake or…Truffles. They are meant to be savored on the palate to be followed by a nice Port. Then there is always Very Vanilla Bars and Mini Cupcakes, decadence at its best and a filling that would put orgasms to shame.  So, what will it be?”

Stacey was envisioning each plate as Barb was mentioning it. She didn’t realize that she was licking her lips every time she mentioned a different one. Kent knew that he needed to order everything and have it delivered to his stateroom. There was no way he was going back without her.

“We will take one of everything…to go” He said huskily looking at Stacey “And, a bottle of your best Port to be delivered to my room.”

Stacey gasped. She was obviously breathing a little heavier. Right now she didn’t care who her audience was she was ready to go back to his room audience be damned. But, she knew she shouldn’t.  She didn’t want him to think that she was that easy. She hadn’t planned it this way. Who was she kidding, yes she did. She was so used to James and how often he wanted sex, (which was next to never in the end.) She was so ready and he knew it.

Kent pushed back his chair and walked around to help Stacey with hers. Kent realized that he was a little anxious to get her back to his stateroom. Upon seeing her flushed face he decided a stop in the Dome Car was a must.  It was later in the evening and there wasn’t anyone in the car.  Kent showed her to a seat and he sat facing her.  He needed to treat Stacey differently.  It felt different, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  Stacey sat there looking outside; watching the scenery go by.  The moon was bright and seemed to fill the night sky. But, Stacey wasn’t really paying attention to the scenery she was more aware of this man who sat in front of her. Instead of crossing her ankles she decided to cross her legs. And apparently her dress had ridden up enough to catch Kents’ eye. He could see from the hem of her dress that she was wearing a garter belt. Kent cleared his throat and said,”Miss Lambert were there any questions that you wanted to ask me concerning…” Stacey broke in, “No. There’s nothing…”

“Are you sure?” he said. Stacey turned to look at him. The tension between them was electric. She had never felt this way about anyone. Definitely not with James or any of the other man she had been around, which weren’t many because as soon as she had gotten to her junior year James was a permanent fixture. They fell into a routine that was familiar.  He was more of a friend with benefits. This “thing” with Kent was more, more than she could ever imagine.  She was tired of the run around that led to non-committed relationships and was starting to get a headache. She rubbed two fingers across her brow and Kent was getting concerned. So concerned that she wouldn’t make it into his bed and that she really was having a headache. Kent noticing her discomfort moved forward in his chair and picked up her other hand. It startled her, “Stacey I have something for a headache back in my room, we don’t have to have any dessert at all, if you don’t want to.” Kent helped Stacey stand up. and she swayed towards him gasping slightly he wrapped his arm around her waist. His face inches from hers, his breath on her cheek all she had to do was turn her face into his and there lips would meet. She dropped her chin and as instantly his fingers are touching her and moving her lips toward his. “Please don’t deny me the pleasure of a kiss.” This was not a question but a demand. A soft, subtle demand. His kiss was light barely touching hers, back and forth, her lips parted and she knew at that moment that she had given him an emphatic yes. His eyes lifted to hers and the desire in that instant was palpable. His fingertips moved from her chin to slide around her neck he brought her head back  and oh my. All Stacey could think about was, well nothing. Her insides were shaking and wetness had pooled between her thighs. There was an ache like no other in the pit of her stomach. The kiss started slow and when he licked her bottom lip her knees almost buckled. It took everything she had to stand upright. His tongue darting in and out took control. Her mind was reeling with want and desire.

“Ahem” Stacey and Kent were brought back to earth by someone clearing their throat. “You won’t mind if we take your seat?” A gentleman with his wife were standing there patiently waiting for Kent and Stacey to move from where they were standing. “I’m sorry, of course.” Kent said. The couple was older, in their late 60’s. He still held her hand and helped her into the chair. He sat next to her still holding her hand. As Kent and Stacey moved to leave the older gentleman said, “You look like a fine couple, you remind me of us when we were young. Take good care of her and she will take care of you. Love her with everything, and never forget how wonderful you feel right now at this moment. Love can be fleeting, but if you nurture it and let it grow, it will encompass everything that you are.” Kent looked at me, and I could see the longing in his eyes, and something else. Something that I have never seen before. He looked away and held out his hand. The older man clasped his said thank you, and smiled.

Walking out of the Dome Car I felt different, but in a good way. The short conversation with the older gentleman was calming and satisfying. We arrived at his door and he pulled out his key card, opening the door. With his hand at my waist allowed me to enter first. I sat down with my hands in my lap, not knowing what to do. The cakes and pastries had arrived along with the Port and before I knew it Kent was opening the bottle and began to pour. My senses were reeling by now and he was sex on a stick. All I wanted to do was rip his clothes off and have my way with him. I couldn’t believe were my thoughts were wandering, I never had these with James. I really needed that Port and right away.

Holiday Rails Part 3

Part 3
Stacy wasn’t sure if she would meet up with the Kent Webster again, but if she did she wanted to look her best. A black sheath dress that was fitted on her 5’4” slender frame fit her well. Gold earrings falling to her shoulders and a gold necklace that she’s worn since graduation completed her outfit. The necklace she noted fell to the inside of her dress which was fine with her, it had a habit of doing that and it never bothered her, finishing with a pair of red Blahniks completed the outfit.
As she made her way down the hall she could hear sobbing and muffled voices coming from the room where the argument occurred. She’d hoped that they were making up and that all would be well between the two, but who was she kidding?  She wanted to know that man on a more intimate level and this was just not going to work. Even the thought of him made her insides clench.  “Breathe Stacy breathe, everything’s going to be okay.” She muttered to herself.
At last she made it back to the dining car and could see the other ladies waiting for her at their table. As she came forward they all smiled up at her. Denise, Marisa & Leigh Ann were talking about the ball coming up in a week. Stacy remembered she had tickets. Now would be a good time to find out more. She wanted to know what she was getting into, and not sure whether she would be attending. But before she could pull her chair out a hand attached itself to her elbow.
“Miss Lambert, I was hoping that you would dine with me tonight? My companion has taken ill and well, I really don’t like to eat alone.” He says. “I was just getting ready to sit with my friends…” I start to say and Denise interrupts, “Oh no, Stacy, go have dinner with your…new friend. We can talk later if you’re not busy.”
“Ok, I guess you have a companion for dinner Mr. Webster.” “Kent, please.” He states. “Kent. Ladies I will speak to you later.” She says firmly. He leads her away to another table on the other side of the dining car and pulls out her chair for her. “I’m sorry I hope that you’re ok with having dinner with me. The friend that you heard earlier in the hallway is still not feeling well and I really don’t….. like to dine alone.” She finishes for him, as if I hadn’t heard him the first time. He seats himself across the table from me and leans forward in his chair.
“Yes, I heard her crying through the door when I came to dinner.” I say and lean forward in my chair, elbow on table with my chin propped in my hand.  “Was there something that you would like to tell me?  Now would be the perfect time. Otherwise, I leave this table and eat with my friends.” I said smiling.
“Stacy, I…” “Miss Lambert” I say curtly. “I haven’t given you permission to call me by my given name.” Kent never wavering spoke calmly. “Miss Lambert, my companion is an unruly 18 year old who believes she can get one over on me while I’m sleeping. The crying that you heard in her cabin was me telling her she couldn’t leave the train much less her cabin until we get to our destination. At that time, her father has sent another personal body guard to take her back home.” Kent spoke calmly and evenly throughout his explanation and Stacy wondered if he was more pissed at her or the girl crying in the cabin.
I clear my throat and say, “Excuse me.” But, my shoulders start to shake uncontrollably. I couldn’t help it, somewhere deep down the laughter just bubbled out of me. I was laughing at a grown man that couldn’t wrangle in an 18 year old. Shaking my head I say, “Sorry, I didn’t realize you had it so tough.” “Miss Lambert I’m glad you find my dilemma amusing. How would you handle someone like this?”
Since I was still giggling, he was fuming. It was funny. “Well, it sounds like she is always under someone’s thumb. She hasn’t been able to go out and just be herself without someone looking over her shoulder. She needs a companion of some sort, not male of course. But, someone who will take the time to be a “friend” without being a body guard.”
“You’re traveling by yourself. Do you think that’s wise?  You’re a beautiful young woman; surely you’re not thinking that because you’re on a train makes you invincible?”
“No, I do not. I may be traveling alone but I have given out instructions. If I don’t make it to a destination there are plans in place, given to certain people. I also have my will finished and at my lawyers office. I call my parents twice a day, and IM my best friend.  Is there anything else you’d like to know?”
“You’re also very confident, do you think you could help me out with my companion. Help her out until we get to the next destination.”
“Kent, you’re asking a lot from someone you don’t know.” She stated. “Miss Lambert, my first impression of you is that you can be trusted.  I will be around in case you can’t handle her. But, from what I see right now. You are my best bet.” He said.  “Do you think we could order dinner now? Our waiter has been patiently waiting.” He waves him over and looks at the menu, orders for the both of them and hands the menu back to their waiter. While he was ordering she took the time to study this fantastic man.  Starting at his broad shoulders her eyes moved across this man and took in every inch of him.  Stirrings in the pit of her stomach made her uncomfortable. He was thick and muscular. Not thin like most, her eyes then moved across his chest that just screamed at her to touch him. Her eyes dipped lower and…what was she thinking? She looked into his eyes and they were the color of aged whiskey. His jaw was strong and determined and he had a great smile. A smile that would melt hearts…
“Miss Lambert?” Stacy pulls her eyes away and realizes she has been staring at him. “Um, sorry what were you asking me?” Kent had to stop himself. He was talking to the waiter ordering the wine and found Stacy staring at him. He spoke to the waiter and turned to find Stacy staring at him his lips to be exact. Her mouth was parted sweetly and her face was flushed. She licked her lips and her breathing was erratic. Oh boy, he wasn’t ready for this. Not here, not now. His intention was to get her to help him with his charge. That’s a lie. He had feelings for her and refused to acknowledge them. He needed time to get over Angie. She was still on his mind after all this time. There hadn’t been another in his life since. And he didn’t want to start now.
“I was asking you if you prefer a chardonnay?” he said. “Oh, sure that’s fine.” she hesitated. Catching her breath she looked away, her gaze fell on her table full of companions that had turned all of their chairs so that they could see what was happening. Stacey couldn’t contain her giggles. The looks on their faces were priceless. Looking at her dinner companion she again apologized for her outburst. “It would seem, that we have an audience.” Stacey nodded toward her companions. Kent turned in his chair and stared directly into 5 sets of eyes. They all lifted their hands and did a wave of some sort. Kent turned around and said, “So, how do you know that lovely group over there?”

Holiday Rails Part 2

Part 2

I boarded the train at 10 am and found my cabin right away. The first leg of the trip would be about 4 days, then an overnight stay at a local hotel, which would then start the Northwest/Canadian Trail. For this I was very excited, I love history and this part of the trip was bound to be exciting.

I put everything away and new that I had first session for meals. I didn’t want to be late as I knew I would be eating with other companions unless I decided to eat in my cabin. Of course that all depends on who my companions are, Diane told me that the others at my table would be single as well. Great! I hope they are all women. I don’t want anything to do with a man right now. I’ve really had my fill.

I get to the lunch car and find that I indeed have other women at my table, but only because their husbands will be meeting them at the hotel.  After a round of hello’s I find that these ladies are part of a group of women who support erotica, not porn, by defining the difference between the two. VOE or Voice of Erotica have been giving women confidence, strength and support. Of course I’m intrigued by this ingénue and want to learn more.  I find that these ladies are also going to the premier and we are soon in an animated discussion concerning different types of toys, gadgets and…in particular positions of all things.  Well, let’s just say that I went away with a new found yearning to learn more. Afterwards they had given me a list of books and places to go to on the web for my “research.”  And, quite a list it was, naming off a few authors and their most recent books, along with their website and how to contact any of them on social media. I was now beginning to realize that this trip was by far becoming what I had imagined for myself.  A true moment of self-discovery was just waiting in the wings for me.

I grab my notebook from my cabin after lunch and return to the car with all the fabulous glass for site seeing. It’s beautiful country and I’m just settling back and beginning to read when I am interrupted by one of the women with whom I had just had lunch with.  Denise and I have found that we have a lot in common. Our backgrounds and work ethic are not to be matched and we’ve hit it off very well. She begins to tell me why she’s on this trip and will be meeting up with her husband, but she feels he will decide at the last minute not to join her. It saddens me that some men can be so self-centered. It’s happened to me and I know how she feels.

“…he knows how much this trip means to me, and he still feels it’s a waste of time.” Denise is distressed at the thought of her husband not attending. I say good riddance but, I can’t. I can’t let the actions of one man cloud my thoughts for another.

So I ask Denise if she would be heartbroken if he didn’t attend. “I would probably have a better time if he didn’t show up. It would take a lot of the worry off of me” she said hesitantly. So, I said, “Denise why don’t you call him or send him a message. Tell him that you had run into an old friend and if he didn’t want to come on the trip that it was ok with you. I’ll be on here for the duration, and then some. You’re welcome to travel with me. The amount of money that you will be saving would be well worth it.  I will call Diane and we can get the itinerary straightened out.” Denise couldn’t be happier. This was turning out to be some trip. She excused herself to make the phone call and said we could talk at dinner.

I had only had time to download a couple of books by these authors this group had told me about. I wanted to go on the website and look around a bit. I found that this was almost an exclusive little club. And not exclusive as to who could get in, but that there were not that many women who were a part of this glorious intrusion into the intricacies of carnal pleasure. The more I read the more intrigued I became. This group was all about pleasing. It would seem that the men were the ones who should be pleasing their mate and finding the ultimate release for both. The male’s pleasure came from her release. And not just one, but several, could this really be the infinitive in the act of pleasure?  I was sure to find out more.

Sitting under the warm sunshine, I began to fall asleep. I decided that I needed to wake up and go back to the cabin for a nap and to freshen up before dinner. I hadn’t realized it was almost time for tea. With this new revelation it was time to rethink my plan.

I’m walking back to my cabin when I hear yelling down the hallway. I look back and forth to make sure there is no one else in the car. I cautiously walk towards my door; it’s at the other end.  Suddenly a door to my right opens and a man steps out. Ok, he’s good looking, close to six feet but not quite, muscular build and Latino.  I don’t know why that comes to mind, it doesn’t matter to me, except he’s having a heated discussion and the women on the other side of the door is yelling even louder. The door slams and he lifts his left hand to his hair and slides it around his neck.  I’m embarrassed and stuck in the hallway. I try not to look at him but he’s too damn gorgeous. He’s wearing black jeans and a V-neck sweater with a t-shirt underneath. Looks like he just threw his clothes on and walked out, I clear my throat and say, “Excuse me,” brushing past and in my haste I lose my balance as the train goes around a curve slamming me into him. Now equally embarrassed he says, “Are you all right?” I could ask him the same thing. But instead I say,” I’m fine, sorry for the intrusion.” And I slide my eyes to the door hoping that he gets my meaning. “Oh that. All will be fine later. Angela’s just tired from the long trip.” I realize at this point he’s still holding on to me and I try to push him away. He’s reluctant to do so I’m not so sure I want him to either. We both pull away at the same time. “Um, I’m sorry about the…” I state. He shakes his head and puts up his hand as to dismiss me like I’m some child. “Please, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it Miss…? “Lambert, Stacy Lambert.” I say.  He holds out his hand and I place mine in his. A shock of epic proportions goes straight through to my core and I gasp, “Miss Lambert, Kent Webster at your service.  If you need anything I’m just a cabin away, anything at all.” I clear my throat and say,” Thank you Mr. Webster, I think I’ll be fine. Goodbye.” And with that I release his hand and walk back to my cabin on wobbly knees that were shaking beyond belief.  After that encounter I decided to take a shower and lay down and rest, but Mr. Webster had other plans. He invaded my dreams wholeheartedly.  This man that was attached to another woman and I vowed I would never break apart anyone married or otherwise. This was going to be some trip. Just 3 more days, I’m sure that I can avoid him for that long…

In all his years of service, Kent Webster still didn’t know how he got himself into this. One day he was drinking beer on a sandy beach somewhere in the South Pacific, enjoying the new found warmth of the sun, and the next he was working as a body guard for some billionaires’ daughter who wanted to go to Dubai for her graduation present.  Three weeks of incessant yammering about how she always had to be good because of whom her daddy was.  All Kent wanted to do was smack her behind for being a brat. Oh no doubt she wanted him to take her to bed. But, he drew the line at cradle robbing. That’s what the last argument was about again. I’d fallen asleep and she thought she could take advantage of me while I was lights out.  That’s when I pushed her off of me and ran out of the door. It’s time to call daddy and get off this train. I’m done.

Holiday Rails

After many years of heartache and pain the decision to leave wasn’t due to the final blow of yesterday. It was the last stinging barb that would do the trick. Being unappreciated and left out, this last overseas job had her fuming.

James was due back on Tuesday from a job that had taken 3 weeks longer to finish because of someone else’s incompetence. He told me that whoever had leaked the plans for the new launch had everyone scrambling to cover their tracks. It was inevitable he said, “They’re just not used to high visibility clients. This one is going to take a miracle to fix!” What he didn’t know was that she had an insider who was telling her what he was really doing on that overseas “job” as he put it.

That was the last straw. So she packed up what she could and left for parts unknown. Her first stop was of course her parents’ house. She decided to leave most of her things there. She told them that she needed a break and this was a good time to take it. With James out of her life now she knew that she could make decisions on her own. That’s when the “plan” became a reality.

Just a few months ago she and James had been talking about taking a long trip together. He never liked the idea of riding on a train. And, of course that’s all Stacy wanted to do. Luckily she had a friend who became a travel agent out of high school and was doing very well for herself. I approached Diane as soon as I could for an itinerary that would last several weeks with stops across the U.S.

“Stacy! It’s so good to see you!” Diane said. What I had forgotten was Diane’s exuberance at everything. “So, tell me what’s going on? Why the trip now? It’s almost Christmas? Don’t you want to stay home with that hunky boyfriend of yours?” With an exasperated sigh and not wanting to let too much be known, I answered as directly as possible without giving too much away. “Hi Diane, I was hoping just to take a trip by myself, sort of self-discovery, you know? I would like to take some time and see where my life is going.” Well, to Diane that meant, “Oh Honey! I’m so sorry; he left you for someone else, didn’t he? Have I got an itinerary for you? Since you laid out the ground rules for this excursion it wasn’t hard for me to find you something that will give a little bit of everything, sunshine, snow and a little bit of surfing.”

“You’ll be leaving in two days’ time.  Here’s your bookings, hotel and cars are ready at your disposal at every stop. Just call ahead and it will be waiting at the station. Everything is mapped out, down to what to wear. You’ll be arriving in the Pacific Northwest just in time for the groundbreaking movie, you know the one that everyone is talking about but you have to be 18 or older to watch it. I have tickets for you. There’s a gala and a screening. You’ll love it. There’s information in the packet. I wish I was going, there are going to be some hot guys there.” Diane giggled. And, with as much as exuberance as when I first walked in the door.

“Diane, I don’t’ need to find a man on this trip, I just need to get away.” I said. “The last thing I want to do is get dressed up for some erotica party!” I said in a low voice, there was another family that was making a trip for spring break. I didn’t want them to think I was loose or something.

Diane said, “Who cares? You’re going on a trip where no one will know you. It’s a costume ball, for goodness sakes!” You are going as Cinderella! No one needs to know your name! And besides, I’ll be there too!”

“What?” I exclaimed! Diana explained, “I wanted it to be a surprise! Bill said I could go. I want to go and have some fun, and he said if I was going with you I couldn’t get into any trouble.” Oy! This is not what I want happening! I face smacked myself so hard I left a red mark!

After leaving Diane I decided a needed a new wardrobe. Good thing that I was a great financier. One thing my parents taught me was to save a modest amount every month to put aside for a rainy day. Well, that day has come. She had built herself a very nice nest egg and was able to move quite a bit over and still have enough to live on for another couple of years. This was a much needed vacation and she wasn’t about to waste her time thinking of a man that’s been cheating on her for the last year!

Her first stop was Miss Polly’s Boutique where you could find everything from grandma’s panties to the latest in gadgets and toys. She was a one-of-a-kind friend always there when you need her with a little boost of ego and eccentricity. Before I could let the door close I was greeted warmly by this woman who knew all before I did. “Oh babe, I’m sorry that bastard did what he did! Serves him right! You should have left a long time ago.” She said giving me a hug as big as her heart is. “Thank you, Miss Polly, I know I should have, I just didn’t think it could be true. It was by happenstance that my friend Lori was on the same job, that she discovered his penchant for other women.” I said truthfully. “Well don’t let that get you down, I hear your going on a fantastic trip! Is that why you came to see me? Some toys for your train ride?” Miss Polly said laughing all the while pulling toys from the shelf. “I don’t need any toys for this trip I just would like some lingerie, something new to make me feel pretty again.” I said. Miss Polly was grunting at the mere thought of it, “You don’t need anything to make you feel pretty; you need a man that will take care of you. He’ll make you feel prettier than any lingerie ever could.” With that thought I started picking out some two piece sets that would make any man squirm. The array of colors and styles would also keep any man guessing. I wanted some tanks and shorts to sleep in along with a beautiful chemise and corset. (According to Miss Polly everyone should have one.)  She also threw in a French Maid costume, had heard from our friend RaeLyn that it was all the rage. (I’ll be talking to her later as well), I thought with a smirk.

With my purchases from Miss Polly tucked away in the trunk I had one more stop to make and with the way things were already going I was sure that Victoria already knew what was happening in my life. “Stacy! Hey Girl! How are you? Stupid jerk, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Aren’t you glad you never married him?” Victoria never to be quiet about anything tells it like it is and then some. “Vic he never asked me, another reason to cut my losses now instead of later. I don’t know what I was thinking after all these years to be tied down to someone like that.” I said. “Well, it’s a good thing you’ve come to see me before you go on that trip. What would you like for me to do today? How about some highlights and trim? I promise you’ll love it. The mousy brown that you have could be highlighted and no one would be the wiser.” Vic said. My hair has been short ever since I could remember. Just this past year I had been letting it grow out, I like it longer and could
pull it up in a ponytail and go if I wanted too. So, I agreed to have it trimmed with some highlights. I wanted to be different more carefree, now is my chance.

A couple of hours later I was staring at a new person. My hair was absolutely gorgeous! I just stared at myself for the longest time not knowing what to do; I had never seen myself look so bright and happy! I turned and looked at Vic, got up from the chair and hugged the life out of her. “You like it? You really like it?” She said. I really liked it, and I was crying because I had never had anyone do this for me before. It was so exciting I paid Vic and ran back to Miss Polly’s so she could see me. She cried for me too. Told me that if I didn’t find a man on this trip there was something wrong with them. I laughed, and told Miss Polly that if there was a good looking unattached man on this trip he should be wary of me!

After making all of my purchases for the trip I went back home and put everything except for my traveling outfit in my new suitcases. I would be gone a long time and I wanted to make sure that I have checked everything off my list at least twice. I was ready to go and in less than 24 hours I would be on the vacation of a lifetime.

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