Holiday Rails Part 4


Kent waves back and the girls all giggle. “Just what I needed an audience.” Stacey mumbles under her breath.

“Um, sitting at the head of the table is Ruth Ann. I met her online along with Renee to her left and Camille next to her. The woman with the short blond hair is Denise whom you’ve already met along with Leigh Ann to her right.  Renee and I have something to discuss later, don’t we?” Renee just shrugged her shoulders and grinned. “Oh?”  It was a question that I wasn’t about to answer. Instead I asked Kent what he had ordered for us.

“It’s a surprise and will go well with your Chardonnay.” He said. Dinner was served shortly. Their audience took great liberty in tormenting her throughout her meal making googly eyes feigning sighs and gasps. It’s all I could do to finish my meal without choking on laughter. Once the dessert cart rolled around she couldn’t help but stare and lick her lips. She had forgotten about Kent while she was talking to the pastry chef. Barbara was written on her Chef’s jacket. She told me that she too was going to the costume ball. “Good evening, I have for you tonight a variety of cakes to choose from.  You two look cozy, so I would suggest: Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, Apricot-Coconut Cake or…Truffles. They are meant to be savored on the palate to be followed by a nice Port. Then there is always Very Vanilla Bars and Mini Cupcakes, decadence at its best and a filling that would put orgasms to shame.  So, what will it be?”

Stacey was envisioning each plate as Barb was mentioning it. She didn’t realize that she was licking her lips every time she mentioned a different one. Kent knew that he needed to order everything and have it delivered to his stateroom. There was no way he was going back without her.

“We will take one of everything…to go” He said huskily looking at Stacey “And, a bottle of your best Port to be delivered to my room.”

Stacey gasped. She was obviously breathing a little heavier. Right now she didn’t care who her audience was she was ready to go back to his room audience be damned. But, she knew she shouldn’t.  She didn’t want him to think that she was that easy. She hadn’t planned it this way. Who was she kidding, yes she did. She was so used to James and how often he wanted sex, (which was next to never in the end.) She was so ready and he knew it.

Kent pushed back his chair and walked around to help Stacey with hers. Kent realized that he was a little anxious to get her back to his stateroom. Upon seeing her flushed face he decided a stop in the Dome Car was a must.  It was later in the evening and there wasn’t anyone in the car.  Kent showed her to a seat and he sat facing her.  He needed to treat Stacey differently.  It felt different, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  Stacey sat there looking outside; watching the scenery go by.  The moon was bright and seemed to fill the night sky. But, Stacey wasn’t really paying attention to the scenery she was more aware of this man who sat in front of her. Instead of crossing her ankles she decided to cross her legs. And apparently her dress had ridden up enough to catch Kents’ eye. He could see from the hem of her dress that she was wearing a garter belt. Kent cleared his throat and said,”Miss Lambert were there any questions that you wanted to ask me concerning…” Stacey broke in, “No. There’s nothing…”

“Are you sure?” he said. Stacey turned to look at him. The tension between them was electric. She had never felt this way about anyone. Definitely not with James or any of the other man she had been around, which weren’t many because as soon as she had gotten to her junior year in college James was a permanent fixture. They fell into a routine that was familiar.  He was more of a friend with benefits. This “thing” with Kent was more, more than she could ever imagine.  She was tired of the run around that led to non-committed relationships and was starting to get a headache. She rubbed two fingers across her brow and Kent was getting concerned. So concerned that she wouldn’t make it into his bed and that she really was having a headache. Kent noticing her discomfort moved forward in his chair and picked up her other hand. It startled her, “Stacey I have something for a headache back in my room, we don’t have to have any dessert at all, if you don’t want to.” Kent helped Stacey stand up. and she swayed towards him gasping slightly he wrapped his arm around her waist. His face inches from hers, his breath on her cheek all she had to do was turn her face into his and there lips would meet. She dropped her chin and as instantly his fingers are touching her and moving her lips toward his. “Please don’t deny me the pleasure of a kiss.” This was not a question but a demand. A soft, subtle demand. His kiss was light barely touching hers, back and forth, her lips parted and she knew at that moment that she had given him an emphatic yes. His eyes lifted to hers and the desire in that instant was palpable. His fingertips moved from her chin to slide around her neck he brought her head back  and oh my. All Stacey could think about was, well nothing. Her insides were shaking and wetness had pooled between her thighs. There was an ache like no other in the pit of her stomach. The kiss started slow and when he licked her bottom lip her knees almost buckled. It took everything she had to stand upright. His tongue darting in and out took control. Her mind was reeling with want and desire.

“Ahem” Stacey and Kent were brought back to earth by someone clearing their throat. “You won’t mind if we take your seat?” A gentleman with his wife were standing there patiently waiting for Kent and Stacey to move from where they were standing. “I’m sorry, of course.” Kent said. The couple was older, in their late 60’s. He still held her hand and helped her into the chair. He sat next to her still holding her hand. As Kent and Stacey moved to leave the older gentleman said, “You look like a fine couple, you remind me of us when we were young. Take good care of her and she will take care of you. Love her with everything, and never forget how wonderful you feel right now at this moment. Love can be fleeting, but if you nurture it and let it grow, it will encompass everything that you are.” Kent looked at me, and I could see the longing in his eyes, and something else. Something that I have never seen before. He looked away and held out his hand. The older man clasped his said thank you, and smiled.

Walking out of the Dome Car I felt different, but in a good way. The short conversation with the older gentleman was calming and satisfying. We arrived at his door and he pulled out his key card, opening the door. With his hand at my waist allowed me to enter first. I sat down with my hands in my lap, not knowing what to do. The cakes and pastries had arrived along with the Port and before I knew it Kent was opening the bottle and began to pour. My senses were reeling by now and he was sex on a stick. All I wanted to do was rip his clothes off and have my way with him. I couldn’t believe where my thoughts were wandering, I never had these with James. I really needed that Port and right away.

As if on cue Kent passed a glass of Port to Stacey, and she immediately drank it…all. Passing the glass back to Kent he refilled it hesitantly. She looked at him and noticed his raised eyebrow. He was probably thinking she needed it for the headache, but in all honesty she needed it to calm her nerves. 

Reaching for the glass she took another sip, the liquid courage was doing its job. Kent sighed and sat next to her, picking up her free hand with his. “Stacey, it doesn’t have to be like this. I want you to be here because you want to be here.” Kent decided that something needed to change. And that something was about to be found out. Releasing her hand he took the glass putting them both back on the cart. Her hands were shaking, but from what? He thought that they were on an equal playing field. Stacey was nervous but confident earlier now she seemed like a frightened animal. He took both of her hands in his, “It’s not going to happen tonight, we need to talk, clear the air. Why are you so nervous?”

Stacey wasn’t sure she was ready to give that answer, Kent was a great guy, attentive, caring and very sweet. Stacey sighed, and took a deep breath. “I dated someone for a long time, I thought we would marry then I found out he was cheating on me. So, I left and here I am. This vacation was to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.” Then Stacey laughed shaking her head.  “I’ve been doing some research while I…” Stacey opened her eyes and found Kent was looking at her so intensley that her words just drifted away. 

Kent’s full attention was on Stacey, he was always great at reading other people but for some reason his whole body was on full alert. How could this beautiful creature be nervous around him? Well, he did want to take her here and now, but he couldn’t. For now he was mesmerized by her beauty and candor. 

“Stacey, I’m sorry the last guy was such a jerk. 

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