A Tattered Heart by Amanda Carrington

This piece speaks so strongly to my heart, I wanted to post it with a positive spirit and hopefulness that extends and exudes from those around me.  I have a great group of people who surround me, and love me for who I am. I don’t have to change for anyone. We all have a great friend/friends who are there for us no matter what. I’m going to need these people in the coming months more than I want to admit. Below is my take on this beloved, beautiful heart.
I’ve been thinking about the heart that was posted by @VOElla. Amanda was asking others to post some poetry, art or any likeness they felt this heart meant to them. I was only able to read a few, and they were all extraordinary works. I’m no expert. I know what I like. Don’t we all. That heart reminded me of all the people who have come in & out of my life, and how they have each taken a piece of it with them. And the parts that were patched? Those are where hurt, and pain, and strife are, they have been patched by those who were there for me when I have fallen.We have a plethora of good people who will be there for us when we need them. They all care in their own way. That’s what makes this heart so special. Its patched together by love, honesty, and giving. Nothing can take away from what we have inside. But, we can grown and learn from what’s happened. It takes a special person to love unconditionally. And, I’m hoping that person is you.

A Tattered Heart by Amanda Carrington


Love knows no boundaries, no streams, no rivers

It appears out of nowhere and takes hold

Love should not be conquered,

but given freely.

You’ve left and there is no promise of return

I hold dear to my heart that which you have given

a token of your love,

It embraces me,

It devours me,

It takes me to places I cannot reach

Your love fills me with bliss

I fear for you, my love,

you have been gone a lone time

I eagerly await your return.

I step outside to where we last had seen each other.

I lift my face to the night sky,

I take a deep breath and I smile.

It feels just like yesterday,

I close my eyes and can feel you touch my face.

But, I know it is just the wind

A light caress, it lifts my hair gently

away from my face.

I exhale very slowly.

I feel my heartbeat quicken,

almost as if I can feel you again close by.

I know you are not with me,

I take another deep breath, but this time

it catches, I can smell your unique smell that only be you.

I open my eyes and I turn smiling,

You smile back, opening your arms as do.

I run to you, only to find


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