Cloudless skies…

Cloudless skies turn into starry nights
My heart quickens when thoughts of you invade my mind
My skin tingle’s at the memory of your touch
My hair lifts with the breeze and the thought of your hand lightly touching my neck
I lift my face in memory of you
A smile upon my lips
I close my eyes thinking of your touch and the way you make me feel
I open my eyes and there you stand before me
Your face an expression of love and confusion
You reach for me
Smiling, as you do when your hand reaches mine
The electricity flows within me
My fingers start to tingle and instantly
I begin to shiver
I don’t know what to make of it
But all I do know is that you are here with me
I take my hand and place it over your heart
And, I can feel it beating wildly
We say nothing, communicating with our eyes
No words are needed to be spoken
Passion speaks for us
Our breaths start to quicken
His hand comes up to cup my face
I lean in
My eyes not leaving yours
I sway, instantly your hand is around my waist
Branding me like hot fire
We are together standing so close
I can feel breath on my face
My lips parted ready for your kiss

My Opinions Are My Own

My thoughts are my own. I will not tolerate bad language, and in saying that, I will be strict on the use of some words. Yes, there is Freedom of Speech, and this is MY blog. If you don’t like it don’t come back.

I created this blog with the intention of trying to write and answer questions daily. You can ask me anything within reason. My main purpose is to have a conversation with someone. And don’t forget it can be about anything. As this blog grows so will its publisher. Some things will change. Let’s hope for the best.


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