What Your Soul Wants To Say

Let your words reflect what your heart feels, let your heart feel what your soul wants to say, in stillness.  By Michael.

There is so much that can’t be said

There is a lifetime of tears, of pain and regret

The darkness around my heart is forever changing

It’s color is fading from deep

Darkest black

To the warmer hues of red

The holes that once pierced my heart are starting to fill

The warmth from His blood is returning to mine

It seeks to beat faster

Only to be slowed by heartache and tears

It mends

It twists

It hurts

Only then do I know that I am on my way to healing

He instructs the tests to be shed

The hurt to bear

It makes us stronger more viable beings

It can be the largest struggle

Regret weighs heavy on a mind

Becomes dissected many times over until the truth is barely seen

It is all about the journey

The people

The places

The experiences bring about life

Into the journey


Love knows no boundaries, no streams, no rivers

It appears out of nowhere and takes hold

Love should not be conquered,

but given freely.

You’ve left and there is no promise of return

I hold dear to my heart that which you have given

a token of your love,

It embraces me,

It devours me,

It takes me to places I cannot reach

Your love fills me with bliss

I fear for you, my love,

you have been gone a lone time

I eagerly await your return.

I step outside to where we last had seen each other.

I lift my face to the night sky,

I take a deep breath and I smile.

It feels just like yesterday,

I close my eyes and can feel you touch my face.

But, I know it is just the wind

A light caress, it lifts my hair gently

away from my face.

I exhale very slowly.

I feel my heartbeat quicken,

almost as if I can feel you again close by.

I know you are not with me,

I take another deep breath, but this time

it catches, I can smell your unique smell that only be you.

I open my eyes and I turn smiling,

You smile back, opening your arms as do.

I run to you, only to find


Missing you

Our kiss that night will forever be etched in my memory

You left

Not knowing when you will be back

Our love transcends time

As I await for your return

I am lost without you

Your warmth

Your delightful scent

That only you can have

I miss our holding hands and your touch upon my face

I miss most of all


Cloudless skies…

Cloudless skies turn into starry nights
My heart quickens when thoughts of you invade my mind
My skin tingle’s at the memory of your touch
My hair lifts with the breeze and the thought of your hand lightly touching my neck
I lift my face in memory of you
A smile upon my lips
I close my eyes thinking of your touch and the way you make me feel
I open my eyes and there you stand before me
Your face an expression of love and confusion
You reach for me
Smiling, as you do when your hand reaches mine
The electricity flows within me
My fingers start to tingle and instantly
I begin to shiver
I don’t know what to make of it
But all I do know is that you are here with me
I take my hand and place it over your heart
And, I can feel it beating wildly
We say nothing, communicating with our eyes
No words are needed to be spoken
Passion speaks for us
Our breaths start to quicken
His hand comes up to cup my face
I lean in
My eyes not leaving yours
I sway, instantly your hand is around my waist
Branding me like hot fire
We are together standing so close
I can feel breath on my face
My lips parted ready for your kiss

My Opinions Are My Own

My thoughts are my own. I will not tolerate bad language, and in saying that, I will be strict on the use of some words. Yes, there is Freedom of Speech, and this is MY blog. If you don’t like it don’t come back.

I created this blog with the intention of trying to write and answer questions daily. You can ask me anything within reason. My main purpose is to have a conversation with someone. And don’t forget it can be about anything. As this blog grows so will its publisher. Some things will change. Let’s hope for the best.


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