What Your Soul Wants To Say

Let your words reflect what your heart feels, let your heart feel what your soul wants to say, in stillness.  By Michael.

There is so much that can’t be said

There is a lifetime of tears, of pain and regret

The darkness around my heart is forever changing

It’s color is fading from deep

Darkest black

To the warmer hues of red

The holes that once pierced my heart are starting to fill

The warmth from His blood is returning to mine

It seeks to beat faster

Only to be slowed by heartache and tears

It mends

It twists

It hurts

Only then do I know that I am on my way to healing

He instructs the tests to be shed

The hurt to bear

It makes us stronger more viable beings

It can be the largest struggle

Regret weighs heavy on a mind

Becomes dissected many times over until the truth is barely seen

It is all about the journey

The people

The places

The experiences bring about life

Into the journey

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